Processing Grief : Reflections

Hope and healing for the hurt
only you can feel.
I believe we experience events that may define our lives.

I believe our future depends on how we respond to the memory of those events.

I believe we can choose how we respond.

Processing Grief

by Susan Rigney on 10/05/15

How should I move forward knowing that someone I cared about was hurting enough to take his own life? I do not know why he felt this was the only way. I had not seen him recently. Was there something I could have done to prevent the determination he had to end his pain? I will never know his reasons.

The memories of the time when he was in my life seem just as real as yesterday. I remember him with all the love and devotion I could have for my First Crush. The time spent daydreaming about our happily ever after was not wasted. I have cherished those memories long after it became clear the reality of our life paths were taking different directions.

I do not know the man he became and yet I grieve for his lost life. I grieve for the boy I knew all those years ago. I remember him each year on his birthday, May 23, to celebrate his life. He will live on in my heart and always be a part of me. I hope that now he has found peace.

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