Hope and healing for the hurt
only you can feel.
I believe we experience events that may define our lives.

I believe our future depends on how we respond to the memory of those events.

I believe we can choose how we respond.


For the New Year

by Susan Rigney on 01/07/14

Love is what we are born with.

Fear is what we learn here.
The spiritual journey is the relinquishment or unlearning of fear
and the the acceptance of love back into our hearts.

Marianne Williamson

Back to school

by Susan Rigney on 08/19/13

It is that time of year again! With all the advertising on TV for back to school items, I could not help but notice the ads where the kids talk about how they will be different this year. One little girl seems determined to raise her hand more in class; a boy practices some new dance moves in the mirror. 

I got to thinking about those first days of school and the expectation that this year will be different…and better then the last. I believe there are a few things we can learn from these kids:

They SEE themselves as they DESIRE TO BE.

They are WILLING to MAKE THE EFFORT to change.

They BELIEVE they CAN BE DIFFERENT this year.

For those of us who’s first days of school are only a distant memory, I have hope we can develop a sense of new beginnings every day


by Susan Rigney on 08/04/13

What are you afraid of? A person? A place? A thing? Or are you afraid of yourself?

Some of us are afraid of how we feel. We fear if we express our emotions (anger, sadness, disappointment, etc.) someone we care about may be hurt or leave us. Many of us are afraid to be alone. 

So, while trying to keep others happy, we attempt to live quietly in the shadows of our emotional pain and fear. We put on a brave, happy face and appear to have it all together. Yet knowing at any moment our secret feelings may be found out, we live in fear.

Does this sound familiar? Are you living with fear or sadness or disappointment? Maybe talking about it with a professional therapist would help. Therapy provides a safe, nonjudgmental, confidential space for you to explore your innermost thoughts and express your feelings. I hope you will reach out and help yourself.


by Susan Rigney on 08/04/13

Fear always springs from ignorance.      Ralph Waldo Emerson

Be brave

by Susan Rigney on 07/03/13

A brave man is clear in his discourse and keeps close to the truth.       Aristotle

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